Wild Goose Chase helps their clients manage nuisance birds on their properties.

Plaidypus helps them manage their business more efficiently.

Managing Nuisance Birds

The Challenge

As with many of our clients, Another Wild Goose Chase, based in Chicago Ridge, IL had a well managed process to run their business, but were struggling with off-the-shelf tool limitations. They had outgrown their ability to manage their business using Excel and manual processes were consuming a great deal of time.

The team at AWGC needed a way to manage:

  • Contracts and renewals with customers
  • Scheduling dog handlers, installations and other services
  • Automating time clocking for their field personnel
  • Getting better, more straight-forward data to manage their business

“Microsoft excel® was constantly crashing and it was getting difficult to manage conflicts introduced by multiple users accessing the document”

The Solution

Plaidypus developed a comprehensive pair of mobile apps for internal AWGC personnel:

  • To communicate their weekly availability
  • Log how they are spending their time in the field
  • Enter data pertaining to regulated activities such as goose egg depredation

Furthermore, it allowed AWGC Administrative users to:

  • Better manage contracts and renewals via Zoho CRM integration
  • Streamline scheduling of handlers via a custom interface
  • Get better real-time access to data
  • Reduce time to run payroll and invoices