Connecting people in Downtown Naperville

Tuk Tuk Naperville moves patrons around the Downtown Naperville Corridor with their Tuk Tuks, Plaidypus just helps them do it.

All Aboard for Tuk Tuk time

The Challenge

Tuk Tuk Naperville had been undergoing steady growth — Adding more Tuk Tuk vehicles to meet demand also meant handling more customer inquiries.

The team at Tuk Tuk Naperville needed a way to streamline and standardize communication from customers. For a typical Tuk Tuk ride, they needed to know:

  • When the ride is needed
  • Where to pick the party up
  • Where to drop the party off
  • How many are in the party (including children)
  • How many stops are being requested

Getting this information via text message was taking a lot of time and effort, so they turned to Plaidypus to streamline operations.

“Mobile App Adoption is Up. Calls for rides are down.”

The Solution

Plaidypus developed a comprehensive pair of mobile apps for Tuk Tuk in order to:

  • Schedule rides via iOS and Android
  • Integrate with Google Maps and Google My Maps to indicate ride costs for riders
  • Allow users to quickly and easily convey the details of their ride request
  • Enable riders to can cancel or reschedule at any time

Furthermore, it allowed Tuk Tuk Naperville to:

  • Handle ride requests from a single dashboard and send SMSs to riders via Twilio
  • Allow drivers to self-claim rides from the Tuk Tuk
  • Remove cash from the model – allowing most rides to pre-pay via credit card

If you are local to the Downtown Naperville area, or frequent it, you can download the Tuk Tuk Time Mobile app here:

Download on the app store
Get it on Google Play