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The Odd Mammals at Plaidypus make mobile apps for your customers and your employees.

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the world runs on smartphones, do you?

Why Mobile Apps?

Mobile applications on the Apple App and Google Play stores can serve a variety of use cases; whether your idea is targeting a specific set of consumer and/or business customers, or your own employees. As Mobile App Developers, Plaidypus has extensive experience focusing on the right user interface, user experience and functions in your mobile app.

Mobile App Development for Customers

If you have a customer-facing mobile app in mind, we will help guide the design of your app and navigate the in’s and out’s of app store rules, regulations and limitations. We have experience in assisting with apps that:

  • Are social and will allow user-generated content
  • May require a freemium and user subscription model for users
  • Will require in-app advertising
  • Will require sensitive device hardware permissions

Mobile App Development for Employees

For organizations looking to build a mobile app to make their operations and/or employees more efficient, both the Google Play and Apple App stores have ways to deploy mobile apps that will only be available to your organization. Whether you need a mobile app to deliver information to field personnel, receive location information, or simply make your operational data more real-time, mobile apps by Plaidypus can be the workhorse your organization may need.

“the share of Americans that own smartphones in 2019 is now 81%, up from just 35% in 2011.

statistical attribution: Pew Research Center Mobile Fact Sheet

Mobile Apps as a Service

For organizations looking to develop a mobile app platform, Plaidypus has experience in multi-tenant mobile app systems. What does this mean? Well, take for example, a company that has developed software that they resell as a service, but they are missing a mobile app component. The company would like to develop a mobile app platform that allows each of their clients to have their own, custom-branded mobile app. This solution enhances the existing platform significantly and gives each customer involved the ability to extend their brand identity.

Why hire us as your Mobile App Developers?

First of all, we take a hybrid approach to mobile apps. This means that we build a single codebase and deploy it to both stores and this saves money.

Second of all, we will only build the mobile app after you’ve approved the look, feel and experience that you want for your users.

Finally, we care about your business as much as we do our own – we achieve success through our customer’s success.

So, whatever your organization wants to do with a mobile app, we want to hear about it. Please feel free to reach out, and let us know what questions you have and what we can build for you.