What we do is driven by what you need

The services we provide are also tailored to your specific business needs.

Custom Software

Software should fit your business, not the other way around – custom software starts with your business and its processes. Often, we are able to find ways that off-the-shelf software can get your business where it needs to go; and custom software is really only needed to help fill in the gaps.

As you may have already read, the first part of any Plaidypus project is intake. Intake is especially important if we think that custom software might be a component or the entire solution for your organization. However, intake isn’t about a solution yet, it’s about how you run your business today and whether or not that is how you want to run your business tomorrow. Once we fully understand how you wish to operate and have the process documented, we will work with you to determine what tools make the most sense.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store can serve a variety of use cases. Whether your idea is targeting a specific set of consumer customers, business customers, or your own employees. Plaidypus has extensive experience in developing the right user interface, user experience and functions in your mobile app.

For organizations looking to develop a mobile app platform, Plaidypus has experience in multi-tenant mobile app systems. What does this mean? Well, take for example, a company that has developed software that they resell as a service, but they are missing a mobile app component. The company would like to develop a mobile app platform that allows each of their clients to have their own, custom-branded mobile app. This solution enhances the existing platform significantly and gives each customer involved the ability to extend their brand identity.

Custom eCommerce

Today, eCommerce is critical to both B2C and B2B companies. Whether you have a relatively simple eCommerce requirement, or you are on the hunt for a more complicated configuration to meet your customers’ needs, we can help get you to the finish line. Our capabilities don’t just end at eCommerce either – from orders, to fulfillment, shipping and merchandise returns, Plaidypus has done it.

Certified CRM Consultants

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems come in many shapes and sizes – and they had better, because your organization doesn’t run just like every other. Even though CRM systems are everywhere, making sure you have one that fits your business can be challenging.

If you are looking to extend your CRM beyond it’s current capabilities, Plaidypus is adept at getting various pieces of software to talk to one another. We have extended CRM’s to mobile apps and to other pieces of software like: Quickbooks, Stripe and even custom solutions. Just because your CRM doesn’t do something you need, it doesn’t mean we can’t help you get there.

Business Process Automation

What makes your business unique? While we are sure you treat your customers well and take of your employees, at the heart of most strong businesses is also a strong set of processes. Whether you have that process dialed in, or need a little help refining and documenting it, Plaidypus can help guide your process discovery. Once we have a process that serves your needs, we can talk about how we can automate those processes.

What tools do we use to implement Business Process Automation (BPA)? We start with a pretty basic toolset: people. As the old adage goes, you have to walk before you run. Likewise, before we are going to throw technology at a problem, we want to invest the time necessary to understand what is and isn’t working for your organization. Only then can we look at technological ways that we can push your organization’s processes forward.