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Plaidypus Selected for 2019 Clutch Report as a Leading Agency in Illinois

Software, like most things, is not one-size-fits-all. Many companies will choose to incorporate “off the shelf” software into their businesses. This is usually only part…

Email to Text Notification for Critical Emails

Learn to convert Email to Text Notifications for Critical Emails – so you don’t miss the important stuff!

Building Mobile Apps for Employees

4 Tips to Check Your Mobile App Fit Mobile Apps get Data from Field Employees If you have personnel in the field, chances are that…

Selecting Software: 10 Tips for Success

Selecting Software for your business Selecting software may seem like a mundane task. We posit that it if it is done well, it will not…

Charter Aviation MRO Data Management

Charter Aviation MRO Data Management and Automation

Smackdown! Mobile App vs Web App for my organization

Plaidypus works through an exploration on whether a mobile app vs. web app is better for your organization.

3 Amazing Business Benefits of Automation

Plaidypus shares 3 Amazing Business Benefits of Automation through software.

CRM Migration – 5 Steps to Success

CRM Migration – 5 Steps to Success when you are trying to jump the gap for migrating your CRM.