Selecting Software: 10 Tips for Success

November 01 , 2022

Selecting Software - 10 tips for maximizing success for your business or organization

Selecting Software for your business

Selecting software may seem like a mundane task. We posit that it if it is done well, it will not only saver you time and money over time, but allow you to thrive!

Tip 1: People, Process, then Technology

Resist the temptation to select technology before involving your employees and documenting your process. Software should adhere to the way you run YOUR organization, not the other way around.

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Tip 2: Industry Specific Software

“All of my competitors are using XYZ Software, we need to use it too!” While that software should be part of your evaluation list, make sure you look outside of your industry for software that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

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Tip 3: Selecting software for a Function

This tip is a close cousin of Tip #4. It is ok to select software that is built well for a particular function, like Accounting – just make sure it has an API (Application Programming Interface) so you can get data in and out of it.

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Tip 4: Selecting Software – All-in-one

The converse of Tip #3 is that you find software that “does it all”. Here’s the big tip: no software “does it all”, and even if it gets close, it cannot do it all WELL. If you go down this road with an ERP or other package, know where it’s weak and be open to considering function-specific options if necessary.

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Tip 5: Selecting Software that Talks (Integrates)

We comment on this in Tip #3. This is REALLY IMPORTANT – make sure that ANY software you use has an Application Programming Interface (API) for you to get data in AND out of it.

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Tip 6: Leveraging Free Trials

We’re guilty of it too – sign up for a free trial and don’t use it. With a well-planned suite of free trials on software you are considering, you can increase your chances of success. Judge your trials against the process work you did in Tip #1.

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Tip 7: Security

Today, we expect security from our software. Be sure to do reviews of the software and look for any history of data or security breaches in the past. MOST security, however, comes down to how you administer users and passwords – look for features like 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect you and your data from theft.

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Tip 8: Reporting & Analytics

We cannot improve what we cannot measure. In Tip#1, make sure you and your team define what success will look like with the software you’re evaluating. Make sure you can get the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you need for success.

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Tip 9: Data Ownership

Like Security in Tip #7, we expect the data that we put into software will remain ours. Double-check the fine print to fully understand who owns your data and HOW the platform will or won’t use your data for other purposes (like marketing).

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Tip 10: Data Transportability

Finally, not all software may fit your organization forever. While software migrations are not fun, if necessary, you want to make sure you can get data OUT of your software. This is obviously easier if you validate data export BEFORE you select software!

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