Selecting the right software – Part 2/10 – Software built for your Industry

November 03 , 2017

There is plenty of software out there that may be tailored to your industry.  Whether you walk pets, run a cafe or are an underwater basket weaver, there is probably a piece of software that has special functionality for your industry.  So, for this second area of exploration, we’re going to dig into the topic of industry-specific software.

Consider the following criteria when evaluating software specific to your industry:

  • Which of your competitors using this software or mobile app?
  • What is similar and what is different between your business and those competitors?
  • Does using this software increase or decrease your competitive advantage with those competitors?

Selecting Software - Built for your Industry

When evaluating software that caters to your market, try to also include non-industry specific options to see which will best cover your critical functionality.  You know your processes best, and you should still rely on the work you did from part one of this series to determine the best software fit for your organization.  If the industry specific software is used by many of your competitors, but doesn’t really fit your process, consider that your process may just be the unique element that sets you apart in your industry.

If you are evaluating software that is used by many of your competitors, also note constraints in the software that may force your competition to do business in a certain way.  Even if that software isn’t a good fit for your company, it may reveal some really telling information about limitations that your competitors face – and shortcomings that you can capitalize on by going in a different direction.

There is nothing wrong with using software built for your industry, but don’t feel that you have to use what everyone else is using for fear of being left out.  You may find some unique advantages to taking an alternate road.