Custom Software is software that fits your business like a glove

Plaidypus can craft software that is designed to fit your business and your processes. Whether you need a small application to fill gaps, or need to build something completely unique from scratch, we have the experience to develop the software you need.

Tell us what you want to build

Custom Software comes in many shapes and sizes

Software should fit your business, not the other way around – custom software starts with your business and its processes. Often, we are able to find ways that off-the-shelf software can get your business where it needs to go; and custom software is really only needed to help fill in the gaps.

As you may have already read, the first part of any Plaidypus project is intake. Intake is especially important if we think that custom software might be a component or the entire solution for your organization. However, intake isn’t about a solution yet, it’s about how you run your business today and whether or not that is how you want to run your business tomorrow. Once we fully understand how you wish to operate and have the process documented, we will work with you to determine what tools make the most sense.

“Custom software should only be used where necessary & when used, it should fit your organization like a glove.”

Odd Mammal Proverb

Whether you have existing custom software that needs to be updated and re-imagined, or you are starting from scratch, we can help guide the process. We will want to delve into the big questions:

  • If we have existing software, can we salvage and build on top of it?
  • If the existing software is too old to salvage, or non-existent, is there something off-the-shelf that can get us 80-100% of the way?
  • If we actually need to build the software from the ground-up, what do we want to do differently than was done the first time? In other words, how has your business changed, and how can new software serve you better?
  • How would you flow out your process and where can we take advantage of that process with custom software?
  • TedX Naperville Kiosk Survey Application
  • PARCC Custom Software Application
  • eCommerce Quote Creation and Configuration
  • Luxury Retail eCommerce Dashboard

Custom software helps to take your organization where it wants to go. It can stand alone, or communicate with a wide variety of other pieces of custom and off-the-shelf software that your organization may already use (Software Integration). There are times when custom software also needs to integrate with hardware in your environment (Systems Integration) – these are all facets of custom software and making it fit what is unique about your organization.