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Ops Hound – Job Costing

OpsHound helps contractor organizations streamline their operations, teams, payroll and invoicing in a single application.

The Challenge
Originally designed to streamline operations for a landscaping company in Florida, the challenge was a few fold: 1) All crew time cards were on paper, 2) All job planning was done on whiteboards and 3) There was no data to consume for reporting on job costing.

The Solution
For this application, Plaidypus developed an iOS and Android Application for the work crews that allowed them to clock in and out digitally. With GPS and photo tracking, time cards were fully verifiable, saving thousands in overtime. On the administrative side, we developed a dashboard to schedule crews and manage job costing information. Finally, an Application Programming Interface (API) was developd to move data in and out of Quickbooks removing most manual interaction for invoicing and payroll.